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Cha Dao Ceramics is born from a sigh after drinking tea. It is the praise of the mug, the ceramic piece that welcomes an inspiring infusion on its surface.

Cha in Chinese means "tea" and Dao, "way". Cha Dao Ceramics is a art project born from combining these two great passions.

Clay and tea

cha dao ceramics mountain tea and nature

The art of tea

Each piece can be a world capable of elevating the utilitarian to an aesthetic experience; mine is the art of tea.


Cha Dao Ceramics is the warmth of a drink of ancient tradition that invites calm and artistic contemplation.


In each piece of Cha Dao Ceramics I seek to expand this culture; I want each steaming cup and each drink through my art and crafts to lead you to your own experience.

In the contemporary world, from Kandinsky's artistic abstraction to date, numerous authors such as Ortega y Gasset have advocated a dehumanization of art as the only way to make it transcendental.


I understand the dignifying discourse that these theorists give to art, however, I disagree. I think that in the human, art is also capable of assuming that genuine character.


And there are few things more humane than sitting down to drink tea, right?


Through the power of the imagination, art can become a symbol, it supplants reality to elevate it. This is one of the elements that predisposes tea to the sacred. Wrapped in legends and myths about its origin and birth as a divine gift, the tea assimilated a ceremonial character related to Taoism and Zen.

Tea and nature

a perfect match

I admired a ceramic piece while enjoying an amazing tea from my favorite tea place in Barcelona. It was not a new tea to me, although the cup was revealed to me with unsuspected mystery.

I was amazed, how had I not noticed the details of her handmade skin? Neither rough nor perfectly smooth, it drew organic marks on its curve, a trace of fire. That simple mug captivated me.


Properly infused leaves can reach a very high range of sophistication. Ceramics were the perfect container for this alchemy in which I was a participant. I started my journey in the world of clay and discovered the satisfaction of drinking something made with my own hands.


As some wise man says, all ethics is aesthetic. The philosophy of tea, to be complete, required a practice that developed in ritual and became an art of living.


And what a blessing the rough clay made of pottery would receive as it became the epicenter around which this art of living would orbit.


A simple cup for tea is the result of numerous metamorphoses involving the genius of artisan hands and all natural elements, especially fire that promotes the final alchemy of clay.

Around tea we find art generating art; act made art; and art transcending act taking it to the spirit: art, art and more art!

Having tea in nature with a good piece of pottery is a great occasion to enjoy a zen moment and reconnect. Below I show a gallery with some snapshots of my tea and nature moments with my pieces.


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Tea and Nature
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